Acupuncture Corporation of America

A New Vision for Acupuncture
Chinese Site (法拉盛肿瘤-疑难病中心)


New worlds, new remedies. Ancient world, ancient remedies. ACA brings the benefits of both worlds to service your well-being. We offer Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Tui-Na Massage, Chinese Herbs, Cupping Services, and more.


We are partnering with the most reputable companies in China like Hwato, Farlong and Tong Ren Tang to provide you with the highest quality herbs, acupuncture needles, devices, equipments and more. Check out our ACA product line!


ACA has resources for TCM practitioners. We have products, services, and information on the latest developments and technical knowledge in acupuncture. Learn about ACA’s business expansion and franchise opportunities.

Acupuncture Corporation of America is America’s first and largest Chinese Medicine & Herb franchise

The ACA represents the best knowledge base from traditional acupuncture, which is a true Chinese medical system for the treatment and prevention disease to the benefit all the people of the world. Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, herbal, tuina and qigong, etc. Chinese medicine has a 3000 year history, and before 1900, it was the only method used in China to treat its people.

ACA seeks to fill the gap between a near 100% usage rate in China and a 0.4% market presence in America.

When and where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can impact health and potentially support affordability of healthcare while also reducing reliance on chemical-based prescriptions, ACA will promote availability and access to the best known forms of herbal supply and clinical service.

Acupuncture back pain success determined by psychological factors

{The Clinical Journal of Pain, March 2015 - Volume 31 - Issue 3 - p 254–264} According to new research, people being treated for lower back pain with acupuncture are likely to gain less benefit from the treatment if they have low expectations of how effective it is....

Chronic Pain Sufferers Find New Relief in ‘MELT Method’

From ABC News (Juju Chang Claire Pedersen, Lauren Effron):

ACA Officially Registered as Delaware Corporation

The ACA is now officially registered as Delaware Corporation.

ACA Partnership with Hwato Acupuncture Needle Company

ACA and Hwato, China's premier acupuncture needle company, have collaborated to develop a superior acupuncture needle for importation and distribution in the US. Established 125 years ago, Hwato is China’s oldest, largest and most respected manufacturer of acupuncture...
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