ACA Corporate Culture

Integrity, Collaboration, Appreciation, Mutual Benefit, and Public Spirit

ACA’s strategic objective is to become the recognized World Leader for acupuncture and acupressure services. ACA’s goals include providing leading healthcare standards in the field of Acupuncture across the United States and globally through affiliated practitioners commonly owned or franchised.

  • Acupuncture Clinic Operations and Franchises
  • ACA Brand Acupuncture Needle
  • ACA Herbal Products

Acupuncture Corporation of America (ACA) was established to become the preeminent Acupuncture knowledge source in America. Founded by doctoral graduates of China’s prestigious Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ACA seeks to become the first and largest Chinese Acupuncture, Medicine & Herb franchise in the United States.

ACA provides both Clinical Acupuncture services as well as vertically integrated private-labeled Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture equipment.
As a US-based conduit to China Acupuncture and TCM developments, ACA intends to provide some of the most current thinking and latest technological achievements in TCM practice, technique and products.

The founders of ACA have been practicing acupuncture in the United States for many years and hold some of the highest recognized credentials as authors, lecturers, patent inventors, and leaders in the field of Acupuncture, Herbal Science, and many other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By representing the very best in TCM, ACA hopes to attract a continual stream of contributions of medical knowledge being shared into the US market and the rest of the world thereby benefiting humankind in the field of medicine and well-being.

– Dr. Yanzhu Liu, CEO

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