ACA Herbal Products

ACA provides herbal medicines and complementary medical products used in conjunction with the standard treatments rendered by ACA practitioners. Herbal therapies are complementary with acupuncture and similar to acupuncture have been used for over a thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine.

In conjunction with Farlong Pharmaceutical, ACA will import the finest quality-controlled herbs grown and manufactured in China today. Farlong guarantees superior automatic quality control, from the soil quality, growth process, harvest, manufacture, processing, and packaging. All herbs meet Chinese and FDA standards. ACA’s associated product list includes approximately 400 herbs as well as specialized noto-ginseng products.

Founded in California in 1998, Farlong Pharmaceutical is a research-based nutraceutical company that commits to discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative herbal products which aim to support a longer, healthier, and happier life. Farlong specializes in unique and effective nutritional ingredients and formulas, including InnerPure, Lifeflower, Notoginseng with two US patented ingredients, notoginsenosides (US patent # 6500468) and breviscapinin (US Patent #6084080). Farlong is registered in the National Products Association (NPA) TrueLabel certification program. Farlong’s products are sold in over 300 vitamin stores and pharmacies across the US and has expanded globally into Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and China.

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